Keno Krew + Scottsdale = Mischief and Mayhem!

Scottsdale Feb 14th!

Not going to lie, what happens in Scottsdale stays in Scottsdale, except of course for the ribbons, memories and fun!  With 6 Keno Riders taking on the heat, competition and horses from down south, you know some Keno Shenanigans are happening.


So far we are pleased to say that our Riders:  Alyssa, Arianna, Ashley, Charlotte, Emma and Isobel are competing their horse’s tails off!  All are with new horses, checking out new classes and riding with grace and such great ability.


We are so proud of our Keno Riders that they have garnered a bit of a fan club.  You always expect a big cheering section when it comes to Keno but a special “Hats off ” to our Keno Krew who are down there right now cheering ringside!    Kassie, Shaelyn, Susan, Grace, Kelly, Shaylin, Linda, Shayne and Papa Fyfe…     We also can’t forget those who are scouring the online video feed (missing some working hours) in order to keep up to date!


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