Susan Fyfe and Rescue 100


Susan Fyfe was recently featured on the CTV’s Prime Time Alberta for the work she has done in conjunction with the Rescue 100 Foundation.  It is a beautiful story depicting the start of the Rescue 100 Foundation and the actions of several who were instrumental in trying out a new way of dealing with Abused Horses.    As it states in the Piece, SPCA Alberta had no other option previous to Rescue 100 being created, to handle abused or neglected animals other than sending them to auction.  It is with great pride that Keno Hills hosts Rescue 100 and offers a respite to those horses that have literally been left out in the cold…

Congratulations Susan, on your continued support of such a worthy cause.

CTVPrime Time Alberta


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  1. fabiebuhl Reply

    Congratulations for what you are doing for horses!

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