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Take the first step and try a Lease…

Here is some general information on Keno Hills Stable lease arrangements:

Leases are offered to those Keno Hills Riders that have shown a desire to continue their training outside of KHS Lessons. Opportunities to ½ lease a horse or full lease a horse can be arrange by calling 780-922-2941 or emailing

Riders should have their own equipment, i.e.: halter, lead rope, grooming equipment, bridle, martingale, saddle and or bareback pad for individual use. And are required to continue in Keno Hills Lessons to ensure the safety of both Horse and Rider.

Riders will be responsible for the well-being of the horse, and any injury caused by your actions will be your responsibility. Only riders that have been approved by their instructors will be considered for the leasing program to ensure the safety and security of our horses.

Leasing costs:

Leasing terms of 1 year are arranged with a $50.00 administration/insurance fee per lease. The rates for leases vary in accordance with the board arrangement and with the type of lease desired. All veterinary, farrier and boarding fees are subject to change during the lease term as costs from suppliers vary.

  • 1/2 lease: Keno Hills Stable reserves the right to use a half-leased horse in ongoing lessons and for any camp programs or special events during the lease term.
  • Full leases: Keno Hills Stable reserves the right to use a full leased horse in lessons if needed to ensure the horse continues its training.


Learn more about the benefits of Leasing from your Keno Hills Instructor or book a meeting to discuss with Susan.